My Daygame Area in South Korea

This is me (and my most recent lay) walking through my old Daygaming area in South Korea. It’s so surreal to see this place on video. This is where most of my first 300 approaches happened. This is the place where I found My First Daygame Lay.This is the place where I tackled my fears and became who I am today. Enjoy.

– Himalaya


The Road to 300 Daygame Approaches [Part 1]

This is an infield recoding of my Daygame sets number 202 – 225. Since experiencing my First Daygame Lay, I figured it would be a good idea to record my Daygame sets to capitalize on the momentum of my journey and really push my Daygame to the next level. Enjoy!


I was on Tom Torero’s Podcast #100

That is me at 46:28 featured on Tom Torero’s Podcast 100! My story covers the pain and suffering of my first 200 approaches – literally everything up to my First Daygame Lay. I encourage you to listen to the whole thing to hear how difficult yet rewarding this journey can be.