The Road to 300 Daygame Approaches [Part 2]

Here is an infield recording of my Daygame, sets 226 – 250. This chapter features many beginner mistakes such as closing early, not grounding my sets and the crown jewel –  friend to friend interactions! Also, this video took only 5 Daygame sessions to record – I’m pretty happy about that. I’ve also included screenshots of the text exchanges so you can see a bit of my shit text game. Enjoy!

– Himalaya


The Road to 300 Daygame Approaches [Part 1]

This is an infield recoding of my Daygame sets number 202 – 225. Since experiencing my First Daygame Lay, I figured it would be a good idea to record my Daygame sets to capitalize on the momentum of my journey and really push my Daygame to the next level. Enjoy!

– Himalaya