My Daygame Area in South Korea

This is me (and my most recent lay) walking through my old Daygaming area in South Korea. It’s so surreal to see this place on video. This is where most of my first 300 approaches happened. This is the place where I found My First Daygame Lay.This is the place where I tackled my fears and became who I am today. Enjoy.

– Himalaya


The Road to 300 Daygame Approaches [Part 4]

I’ve finally made it to 300 Daygame approaches! This chapter of my Daygame journey covers sets 276 – 300. I definitely can hear some improvement. Recording these sets has really helped with my approach anxiety. I have the proof that nothing horrible happens when I approach a girl so I tend to be a lot more relaxed nowadays. Anyway, thanks for sticking with me through this infield journey to 300 approaches, my “I’ve Done 300 Daygame Approaches” post is coming soon! Enjoy!

– Himalaya

The Road to 300 Daygame Approaches [Part 2]

Here is an infield recording of my Daygame, sets 226 – 250. This chapter features many beginner mistakes such as closing early, not grounding my sets and the crown jewel –  friend to friend interactions! Also, this video took only 5 Daygame sessions to record – I’m pretty happy about that. I’ve also included screenshots of the text exchanges so you can see a bit of my shit text game. Enjoy!

– Himalaya

The Road to 300 Daygame Approaches [Part 1]

This is an infield recoding of my Daygame sets number 202 – 225. Since experiencing my First Daygame Lay, I figured it would be a good idea to record my Daygame sets to capitalize on the momentum of my journey and really push my Daygame to the next level. Enjoy!

– Himalaya